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Recently, I was interviewed by Sheena of the Lesbian Review for their Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Spotlight. You can download their magazine WHODUNIT? A Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Spotlight which includes my interview and others as well as cool info on the topic here: https://www.thelesbianreview.com/download/a-tlr-mystery-thriller-and-suspense-spotlight-2023/#

Here’s an excerpt — Sheena’s Questions and My Answers:

What excites you about writing thrillers/suspense?

Whatever the genre, I love writing stories with twists and turns, stories that make me think as I’m writing them, and leave my readers thinking at the end. For me, that’s what the mystery/thrillers/suspense genre is all about. Of late, with my focus on the Dallin Series, I’ve discovered a new passion, stories that turn out to be an equal blend of mystery and romance.

Romance plays a big part in all your books regardless of genre, what is it that drives you to want to tell the story of love even in dark books?

I see love as being interwoven in the fabric of life, present in the darkest corners, if you look for it, and shining brightly in the light. For me, stories aren’t realistic without it.

Which is stranger, real life or fiction? Give us an example of why you say so.

With everything that’s going on in the world, unimagined horrors on the news every day, I almost said real life. But then I changed my mind. It’s fiction. Because with everything that’s going on in the world, it’s strange to have somewhere that you can escape that’s predictable and safe, a place where a reader can rightly put her trust in an author to make sure things turn out okay.

What is something readers appreciate about your books?

I think it’s that they know what to expect from me. I tell stories about lesbians who find healing in the love of a soul mate. Whether a serial killer or a town doctor, my characters find that other character who completes them, helps them to become all that they can be.

What book should folks start with if they have never read your work before and why?

Twice Upon A Train, a second chance romance, and book one in my new Dallin Series. Start with this one because book three in the series is my new release and book four is in the works. I love this series, this small town, these characters, and the mysteries that began in book two and continue. I see book three, Defining Moment, as where my writing is headed.

K.A. Moll / Cade Brogan is a best-selling author of lesbian fiction. She writes stories about lesbians who find healing in the love of a soul mate. K.A. holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Illinois. She also holds a master’s degree in counseling from Eastern Illinois University. Her professional background is in mental health and child welfare. She enjoys golf, bridge, cooking, and of course, reading and writing lesbian fiction. Writing as K.A. Moll, she is the author of eleven novels—Soul Mates, Coming to Terms, Haunting Love, Change of Heart, For A Moment’s Indiscretion, Blue Ice Landing, Whispers of the Heart, Twice Upon A Train, Seeing by Heart, The Preacher's Daughter, and Defining Moment. Her work in progress is book #4 in the Dallin Series. Writing as Cade Brogan, she is the author of two novels—Close Enough to Touch and Deadly Deception. All of her books are / will be available in print, digital, and audio formats at www.kamoll.com. She is a proud member of the I Read Indies, a collaboration of independent authors of women-loving-women (WLW) literature. K.A. resides in central Illinois with her Maltipoo and wife of thirty-seven years.​

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